The Thames Colour Skyline


The world-famous colour skyline was designed in 1969 by the architect Minale Tattersfield. Everyone knows the familiar buildings. The dome and towers of St.Paul's Cathedral dominate the centre, Tower Bridge appears on the right, and Big Ben and the BT Tower (formerly the GPO Tower) are left.

Those living outside London may wonder at the choice of the other buildings... The Embankment at Blackfriars can be seen behind the THAMES letters. No doubt Tattersfield photographed that view from the site of the Upper Ground warehouses, on which LWT's South Bank Tower was built in the early 70s. A 1960s office block with a wedge-shaped roof features in the skyline, beneath the GPO Tower and Big Ben. Those offices in Queen Victoria Street were demolished in May 2000, and do not appear in my attempt to replicate the view, taken from the roof of LWT Studio 8.

The imposing facade on the far left of the Thames skyline is not County Hall, but the former premises of the City of London school near Blackfriars Bridge. Compare my pictures to the original and notice how Tattersfield saw fit to slice off the spire and upper section of roof. There's artistic licence for you